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February 9, 2015

Entry #03 Table Restoration Nathan Miller of Portland, ME

My parents had this old oak desk sitting in their barn as long as I’ve been alive. It mostly served to hold chicken feed and house mice. I needed a desk for my home office and didn’t really want to buy some flimsy manufactured-wood product that you assemble with a “supertool,” so I decided to take this on as a restoration project instead (seriously, the thing is solid, they don’t make ’em like this anymore). First I bought an orbital sander from Maine Hardware and did my best to remove 30 years of soaked in mystery-stains, water damage, and surface dings. Next I got the Ebony Minwax Stain (dark to hide the marks I couldn’t sand out, plus I like the rich color) and gave it a couple of coats. Finished it with a Minwax polyurethane. I was pretty pleased that the character of the wood still shows through the dark stain.

February 1, 2015

DIY Contest – Paint To Win!

We just launched DIY Contests to encourage people to share their projects and inspire each other.  You have The Power To Do It Yourself! Our first contest, PAINT TO WIN, is in February and March. Winners will receive $500, $200 & $100 gift certificates. Check out the contest rules and don’t forget to come back to this page to view submission photos.  You can participate in the People’s Choice Vote by commenting on which projects you like the most on  Facebook , Pintrest , and on within this blog [see submission posts here].

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