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September 7, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry #20: Side Yard Revitalization – Paisley Richard + Kathleen Bradley + Noah Schoneberg + Meg Glossi, Portland, ME

A young man was passing through our side-yard, stopping briefly to take a photo of our neighbor’s truck. He stepped backwards into the yard to frame and capture the shot, then swiveled around to take in the scene. “Hey there!” we called from down the hill, where we sat on the patio. The young man looked to us, and with an air of bewilderment asked, “What is this place?”

August 23, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry #12: Side Yard – Daniel Hechavarria, Portland ME

The side yard to my home in on Clark Street in Portland’s West End had clearly been under-loved when I purchased the property in July 2014. The yard itself is quite small—measuring 15 feet wide along the brick sidewalk and 35 feet back from the street. It was uninviting, but a few redeeming features included a large maple casting full time shade and beautiful small stone retaining wall. Abutting the property is a small 4-6 car parking lot for the next door apartments. The yard was unkempt; the garden was pitiful; and the view of the asphalt lot was unpalatable. I set out with the goal of transforming the yard into usable space with an inviting layout and bounty of shade-loving plants.

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