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August 21, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry #10: Home into Castle – Lauren Webster LaFrance, South Portland, ME

Description of Project: We’re residing the house! By Hand! Since buying our home in December 2011 we have tackled a lot of DIY projects. We have rebuilt the front porch, doubled the size of the back deck, built a 12×12 shed, installed countless gardens including a hedge of 5′ of arborvitae, install two new picture windows at the base and top of the stairs, and completely renovated our kitchen. This is just the beginning! We have a 10 year DIY plan to turn this old house into our dream home. And part of that dream is cedar shake siding in a beach-house-worth shade called ‘Stormy Skies”. I’m painstakingly staining each shake, while my husband Ed balances on staging between two 32’ ladders putting them up one-at-a-time.This is our ongoing summer-fall 2015 project. Right now we’re 1/4 of the way done and by the end of this season we hope to have the north and south sides complete. Thankfully we’ve had a little help from friends and family on the staining, but its still a DIY one-step-at-a-time miracle project that’s steadily coming together.

August 21, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry #09: Front Porch Transformation – Lauren Webster LaFrance, South Portland, ME

Description of Project: Ed and I bought our home in the winter of 2011. The first project we tackled when the snow melted in spring of 2012 was the front porch. This poor structure not only looked terrible it was rotting off the house! Ed put his foot through the floorboards right before we started demolition. What did we personally do? EVERYTHING! We propped up the roof and demolished everything underneath. Then built from the ground up till the new architecturally attractive columns. From the detail work of the corner brackets to painting every single turned spindle to rebuilding the stairs! DIY from top to bottom.

June 5, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry 01: Siding Installation – Jacob Staub, Portland ME

First off, this my most aggressive DIY project to date. I am not a contractor or professional. As a matter of fact, all the jobs I’ve competed to date on the house were the first time I’ve done any of them. Fortunately, places like Maine Hardware still exist. Otherwise, I’d still be trolling the internet searching for gear to get the job done.

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