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September 30, 2016

Revamp Champs Entry #22: Floral Table– Joan Watson, Portland, ME

While helping a friend move, we unearthed this old, 1950’s Shaker style dining table in her basement. It was covered in about 5 layers of paint and various other unidentifiable matter, but it’s size and simple beauty caught my eye, as I had been looking for a small kitchen table to fit in my Portland kitchen.  Not quite seeing what I had seen, or how I had, she was more than happy, at the time, to see it go!  I was not sure at first how I would go about giving it new life, so I just cleaned it, and put it in the kitchen until it provided some inspiration. 

September 26, 2016

Revamp Champs Entry #15: Updated Sideboard– Emily Hricko, Portland, ME

I bought an antique sideboard on Craigslist for my dining room. It’s a beautiful piece that needed an updated look to go with our vintage-modern aesthetic. My father and I spray painted the body of it white with Rustoleum 2x and kept the top surface original with the beautiful wood finish. It now houses our plateware and happily lives in our dining room!

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