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September 30, 2016

Revamp Champs Entry #20: Sweet Sunporch– Kate Hanavan, Portland, ME

Our sunporch is probably our most favorite room in the house. During the summer we love to have most of our meals out here and even though it’s a three season room, on sunny winter days the solar heat can get the temps up to warmer than the rest of the house.

When we first bought the house this room just became the place where we put boxes that still needed unpacking and all other items that were cluttering up the rest of the house. We never had time to give the space a face-lift so we moved in our furniture and called it good. Finally this summer we moved everything out and painted all the window trim a fresh white, picked a deep ocean blue for the floor and built custom curtain rods out of plumbing pipe. Now with the added curtains we can actually use this as an additional guest room… trust me that couch is comfortable!





  • danielle

    I love love love!!!

  • Doggoned

    So cheerful.

  • Joya Weinroth

    I love the pops of blue! So bright!

  • Laura

    You really nailed it with the blue floor!

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