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September 30, 2016

Revamp Champs Entry #22: Floral Table– Joan Watson, Portland, ME

While helping a friend move, we unearthed this old, 1950’s Shaker style dining table in her basement. It was covered in about 5 layers of paint and various other unidentifiable matter, but it’s size and simple beauty caught my eye, as I had been looking for a small kitchen table to fit in my Portland kitchen.  Not quite seeing what I had seen, or how I had, she was more than happy, at the time, to see it go!  I was not sure at first how I would go about giving it new life, so I just cleaned it, and put it in the kitchen until it provided some inspiration. 

September 27, 2016

Revamp Champs Entry #18: Beat it bead board, we want subwaytile!– Ann Helfrich, South Portland, ME

We bought a bunch of subway tile off of craigslist to retile our kitchen backsplash and wall. The previous owner had bead board up. When we pulled off the bead board we were not thrilled to find a destroyed wall behind it. Some places the wall seemed to have no support, other places were just holes with insulation stuffed in. I reinforced the wall with 1/4″ hardie backer board. As the additional thickness of the hardie board, thinset and tile was more than that of the bead board I also had to replace the bottom piece of trim on the window above the sink with an old piece of trim from the house, that wasn’t tapered in such a way that the tile would come out farther than it on the wall (as the existing one was). Then Lindsay rented a tile saw and went to tiling, while I was out of town. We also used grey caulk to finish the look and match the grey grout. We are very happy with the results both in look and durability! 

September 27, 2016

Revamp Champs Entry #17: Stairwell Stencil Art– Lindsay deCsipkes, South Portland, ME

I created a stencil with plastic sheet from the art store, drawing out the pattern and cutting it with an exacto knife. I used spray adhesive to stick it to the wall and rolled paint over it. Eventually I had to cut the stencil to complete the top portion of the wall. After each section was complete I went back over the entire mural by hand, smoothing edges and correcting imperfections. It was quite a feat over a stairwell!

September 26, 2016

Revamp Champs Entry #15: Updated Sideboard– Emily Hricko, Portland, ME

I bought an antique sideboard on Craigslist for my dining room. It’s a beautiful piece that needed an updated look to go with our vintage-modern aesthetic. My father and I spray painted the body of it white with Rustoleum 2x and kept the top surface original with the beautiful wood finish. It now houses our plateware and happily lives in our dining room!

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