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September 22, 2015

Winners of the Uncurb Your Curb Appeal – DIY Contest

Once again, we were extremely impressed with the creative ideas, hard work and transformed yards/homes demonstrated in the entries for this contest. It is amazing what can be done with a little inspiration and a lot of sweat! The judges were truly torn [there was a four-way tie in scoring!] and had a difficult time agreeing on the second and third place winners. But [drum roll please], the winners are…

September 7, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry #20: Side Yard Revitalization – Paisley Richard + Kathleen Bradley + Noah Schoneberg + Meg Glossi, Portland, ME

A young man was passing through our side-yard, stopping briefly to take a photo of our neighbor’s truck. He stepped backwards into the yard to frame and capture the shot, then swiveled around to take in the scene. “Hey there!” we called from down the hill, where we sat on the patio. The young man looked to us, and with an air of bewilderment asked, “What is this place?”

September 6, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry #17: Garden Shed – Scott Plummer, S. Casco, ME

This started out as an old post and beam frame that was utilized by a post and beam company as their display for home shows, etc. It eventually succumbed to the sun’s rays and turned all silver– thusly no longer attractive to potential home builders. I had it brought to my lot and decided to turn it into garden shed with lots personalized touches, such as the copper in the gable peak, the star, and the gargoyle head beneath the eyebrow.

September 5, 2015

Curb Appeal Entry #16: Brick Path – Frank Turek, Portland, ME

Ever since buying this wonderful house on Grant Street with my wife, I’ve wanted to replace the dirt path that bisects the front garden from the driveway to the front walk with a brick path. I had no previous experience with laying a brick walk, though I did once carefully observe city workers as they put down a brick sidewalk. I also watched a lot of online how-to videos. Supplies needed were minimal but important: Pack (crushed rock and stone dust mixture—took a lot more than you’d think), paver sand, plastic edging strips, long-handle tamper, canvas work gloves (critical for handling bricks), wheel barrow, spade, and improvised levels from pine boards.

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