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March 31, 2015

Entry #49 Bookshelf – Camile Hanley, Peaks Island ME

A couple years ago, I pulled what looked like some shelving for gardening out of a dumpster on Peaks Island. It was extremely dirty, had no back nor sides, and wouldn’t stand up straight. I took it home and painted it using a semigloss purple and a semigloss turquoise that I had from leftover projects. I used some old plywood that I had at home for the sides and painted that the same color. I cut out a back from the back of another dresser I found at the dump and glued fabric onto it and attached it to the shelves. Finally I found a piece of scalloped trim at the dump, painted that and nailed it onto the front. It turned out to be such a cute bookshelf.

March 31, 2015

Entry #44 Funky Linen Closet – Betsy Reinsborough, Yarmouth ME

We moved into a new house and there was a boring built-in linen cabinet. We decided to make it look a little more funky so we could keep the storage but make sure it fit in more with the esthetic of the rest of the house. We used Valspar in BumbleBee and Pantone in Ethereal Blue. The whole hallway is painted in the Bunblebee color and the blue of the doors is the color of the adjoining living room as well as the vanity in the bathroom at the end of the hall.

March 31, 2015

Entry #43 Craft Room – Betsy Reinsborough, Yarmouth ME

The combination of the aluminum siding on the outside and the lack of insulation made the studs visible through the white paint in the bedroom. This paired with the original wood color of the trim made the room look very old and dated. We wanted to brighten it up to make a cheery craft room that could easily be converted into a nursery in a couple years once we started our family. We went with a bright Valspar shade of yellow called Light Rail with an accent of a shade of Pantone purple but I can’t remember the name of the shade.

March 31, 2015

Entry #42 Entryway – Faith Morse, North Yarmouth ME

For some depth and visual interest I painted the previously white on white on white door wall and trim with three different colors.  The door trim and jams got a fresh coat of Behr Self-Priming Interior Satin Enamel in my favorite flavor, Popped Corn.  The wall went from Snoozing to Soothing with Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel in a sometimes-blue, sometimes-gray hue called Silver Screen.  The final touch was a careful application of a color called Elegant Charcoal.  I first painstakingly cleaned and dried, taped and primed the previously unpainted front door with Kilz primer (which I swear would stick to steam if you could paint fast enough).  Since Kilz is normally white and I chose not to get this tinted it was frustrating to wait for an additional application of white paint to dry before getting my final color fix but as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait”. Once the the thankless job of priming was finally completed (thank goodness Kilz dries fast) I was rewarded with the pleasure of this beautiful finished product.  For the first week I smiled every time I looked that way…. Now, there must be something else to paint!

March 31, 2015

Entry #41 Kitchen in Greens – Leigh Kellis, Portland ME

We used Ben Moore Natura in ‘Pale avocado’ and ‘split pea’ as well as Ben Moore high gloss white. And polyurethane to add shine to all wood finishes (from Atlantic Hardwoods). The guys in paint department at Maine Hardwood are always so informative and helpful. The pale avocado was used in both rooms (most not seen in these photos).

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