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February 27, 2015

Entry #13 Attic Rehab – Elizabeth Burke, Portland ME

My goal was to rehab the the 3rd floor attic space of this 1910 stucco home in the Oakdale neighborhood of Portland. Between a teenager and a few others over the years, the ceilings and walls got covered with poetic scrawls in various indelible inks. There were holes in the walls and ceiling, and duct tape had been put over every hole or crack, or eaves access panels, and also over the base of a bureau which had been tucked into the walls as a “built-in”.

February 21, 2015

Entry #12 Parking Sign – Jared Burst, Portland ME

This was my first commercial sign EVER!  My bosses approached me one day and asked if I would be willing to paint a sign on the side of the restaurant that informs customers of our parking situation.  They said they wanted to to be big, readable from the road, and also have similar colors to the logo of the restaurant.  I hand drew the letters on large pieces of paper, and then used a pouncing tool and outlined all of the letters.  I then hung the pieces of paper on the side of the building and used charcoal dust and tapped around the outlines of the letters so they would transfer through the paper to the wall.  I have since painted the restroom sign for the restaurant and plan on painting a mural on the back wall come spring time.

February 16, 2015

Entry #10 Bathroom Revamp -Deena Hastings, Portland ME

Because the walls of our guest bath were so damaged by time: (the house is 1886) with cracks, bulges and damage from water leaks, it was almost impossible to fix them without removing all the horse hair plaster and sheetrock. So, instead I purchased “paintable wallpaper”, wallpapered above the wainscoting and then painted. (This was my first experience with wallpaper. It wasn’t pretty.) But the results were! I painted the ceiling and wainscoting Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls and the walls Benjamin Moore Kentucky Haze. In addition, we replaced all the windows in the house… so the pretty stained glass you see in the before shot is in the basement awaiting framing. We also replaced the old marble sink that was surely an original… but unfortunately, quite leaky.

February 16, 2015

Entry #09 Dining Room Revamp -Deena Hastings of Portland, Maine

My husband and I purchased this tired old house in July 2014 and have been giving it some serious love and attention! When we purchased the house the dining room was sponge painted a brown/mustard color, with red and yellow tiles accenting the fireplace. After patching all the plaster walls and ceiling, and re-tiling the fireplace we painted the walls Benjamin Moore Regal Guilford Green and the trim Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green (eggshell finish.)

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